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I was looking at top 50 inventions of 2008 from TIMES, and I thought, hey, what isn't possible after all?

Invetion 2.

Tesla powered roadster. Wtf coolz. For those who don't know(wtf u nerd) what's TESLA, pay a trip to the science center, or ask jon lajoie, bitch!(You are probably one considering you don't know what's tesla, that makes you 75% positive female.)

Invention 8.

Bullets that shoot bullets. A active protection system from raytheon designs a computerized automatic gun to shoot incoming bullets or rockets.

So it shoots bullets. Just imagine. Having bullets collide. (Wanted-esque?)

Invetion 20.

The everything game "Spore". Weeeee. If you haven't ever seen or heard of spore in your life, it's probably the worst knowledge fail of your life.

Invetion 24.

Bionic contact lens. Using LEDS and some other frequency stuff. It creates a display over your vision to store data. Sci-fi anyone?

There's also a facebook for spies called A-space o.O (For CIA, FBI, NSA and 13 other US secret societies(Covert opzzzs).)

Anyway, I think I was wrong to call the society superficial.

I'm not saying it isn't, just not entirely. After all, it's everyone's fault...

People say better looking people get treated better, while not so good looking people get bad treatment.

Good looking people have been receiving positive interactions since young, and in return they grow and nourish. They are mostly sophisticated, or even mature in some ways. Despite how bitchy/arrogant they are, they are never much disliked. He/she can see things in a positive way mostly, because he has been so great off since he was a kid. Has tons of connections, many people want to meet em'.

Not-so-good looking people felt that they have been outshined badly. Nobody really appreciates them or notices their/talent or whatever. They do stuff to attract attention, as we all need, and it gets perceived as childish and immature. Also labelled attention-seeker. Everyone shuns him/her off. In such a way, the person will begin to develop repulsive traits and ends up having fucked up attitude too. He/she mostly see things in a negative way, he/she is always thinking of himself as somewhere near the bottom, a "small fuck". Not as many friends want to be friends with him.

We can't blame the society easily for this so conveniently... Still, society is pretty superficial, just not as a whole, its like a habitation for different sets of definitions of superficial versus deep.

The bad looking monkey gets left out and he masturbates for sexual pleasure(scientifically proven). Nature? Nah.

Ever wondered what's it like to look up at the sky for a few moments and ask yourself, what am I really here for? And hoping someone would actually answer you?

Or ever sat on top of a building, look down and wonder that if you jump, who could make you feel like you could fly?

You'll just end up like chicken from seoul garden.

If you had a super power, what would you choose?

I want to be a jumper. LOL

Keith says he wants to move faster than the speed of light LOL

Wishlist for apparel(Nobody's gonna buy it for me but I'll just post it and hope santa sees it, provided mr lajoie has not killed him already):

-Swatch Le Chiffre Casino Royale Watch(From 007 Villian collection)

-E=Mc Vagina black t-shirt from jonlajoie.

-Black cardigan that doesn't look too punky.

-Grey slim fit chino pantz

-S.O.L.A.G Light Combat Gloves

-A wig that makes me look like hayley williams.

... Only because daniel williams(same surname lol!!) likes her :( I lurve the devil wears prada.

Also, Bring me the Horizon's new album releases today!

Suicide Season! For those of you who can't seem to figure out what's then red stuff in the center, it's her entrailz!

L4D and Legendary releases today, too.

I AM IRON MAN!!!!!!!!

ps. chiodos bone palace ballet : grand coda has more songz! fellow chiodoz liztenerz pls go dl or buy!